Contact us at info@sweetcheeksbamboo.com.au for order and general enquiries.

Whats the benefit of bamboo toilet paper?

Our Toilet Paper is completely made by Bamboo. This is important because Bamboo is a grass, which means it grows back extremely fast. Rather than contributing to deforestation, we can reuse the same area of grass again and again! Making the switch from paper to bamboo toilet paper drastically reduces the industry demand. Together, we can help slow down the impacts of deforestation and protect those most vulnerable such as the Sumatran and Borneon Orangutan.

How much is shipping?

Completely free. That's right we don't charge you a cent. This means that making the switch is as easy as going to the loo.

Can I buy a subscription of Sweet Cheeks TP?

Yes! We do subscriptions for every household size. There is no charge to subscribe, no contracts and no exit fees. Cancel and resubscribe as you please.

How many rolls per box?

Currently we stock 24 roll cartons. With 300 sheets per roll expect them to last a lot longer than your average supermarket roll.

Do you offer wholesale?

For wholesale enquiries please email info@sweetcheeksbamboo.com.au with your request.