Hey Sweet Cheeks,

At Sweet Cheeks Bamboo, orangutans have always held a place in our hearts. Orangutan are highly intelligent, peaceful and share 97% of the same DNA as humans!

You're probably wondering "why is this important?"

Every year almost 10 million trees are cut down to specifically supply the world's demand for paper. The orangutan is the number 1 animal effected by deforestation, having an estimated 80% of their habitat destroyed in the last 20 years. If something doesn't change soon, experts suggest that orangutans could be extinct within 50 years.

Introducing Sweet Cheeks Bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass not a tree, meaning it grows so fast we can use the same area again and again! See, Bamboo is hand pulled from the base which removes any need for replanting. The result is a sustainable and renewable alternative that still delivers the same great quality as traditional paper.

How is Sweet Cheeks Bamboo different?

We are here to change the game. For too long, the world has been subject to overpriced poor quality toilet paper alternatives. For starters, why should you have to choose between sustainability and a cost effectiveness? We want to make switching from regular toilet paper to Bamboo Toilet Paper as easy as possible. That means making it affordable for everyday people. Whilst affordability is important, we understood that there was another problem that needed to be solved, Quality. That's why after rigorous testing (yes that kind of testing), we have produced the silkiest, smoothest and softest Bamboo Toilet Paper one could ask for.

We made making a difference as easy as going to the loo (literally).

Sweet Cheeks Bamboo are committed to our vision of fighting deforestation while producing the highest quality, best value product for our customers. Our hope is that together, we can change the future for our orange friends and create a better world for us all.