What does 2023 mean for deforestation and how can you help?

Throughout 2023 and beyond the Borneo and Sumatra Orangutan population will continue to decline as deforestation and palm oil production continues to increase. As global pulp and paper production reaches a record 490 million tons, the cycle of deforestation will continue to ravage those most vulnerable.

Currently, the toilet paper sitting in the bathroom is still one of the largest contributors to paper production within Australia. It’s estimated that Aussies are set to use over 2 billion rolls of toilet paper throughout 2023. In perspective, that’s over 40 million kilometres of toilet paper used in one year. Enough toilet paper to make it to the moon and back 5 times! That’s exactly why Sweet Cheeks has decided to produce the highest quality Bamboo Toilet Paper Australia has to offer. By making the switch, Aussies can create a lasting impact on the conservation of Orangutan habitats, helping save the species from extinction.

The average Australian’s transition to a flexible work from home roster paired with the growing insatiable thirst for ice lattes has meant a lot more time spent on our own toilets. It’s no wonder supermarket toilet paper isles are looking more and more like a scene from Mad Max. Let’s face it, it’s easy to let toilet paper habits slip to the back burner until that last empty roll is staring back at you. Only then does sourcing toilet paper (or the next best thing) become the most important mission on earth.

Flushing this toilet paper usage problem down to the bottom of your to do list for another year may seem like no big deal. The truth is that under current management practices, Orangutan population is set to decline 27% by 2032. It’s up to Australia to do its part to reverse the trend and start to build a better planet.

A world with Bamboo Toilet Paper in every household looks drastically different to the world of today. The beautiful species that are facing extinction such as the Orangutan will thrive, global warming will be drastically slowed, and the earth’s eco system will have a fighting chance. What’s held people back from making the switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper for years has been the cost, the quality and the ease of access. We’ve listened to these concerns and have made our Bamboo Toilet Paper significantly more cost effective than the competitors. We’ve ensured that Australians don’t have to sacrifice on quality with a luxurious 3 ply sheet. Finally, with free carbon neutral shipping, making the switch has become easier than going number two. 

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